27 November 2007

alphaCML beta 0.7 uploaded, with scripting support via alphaScript.
Type "help /script" in alphaCML to see the alphaScript help file.

7 November 2007

alphaCML beta 0.6 uploaded, final fix for z-order and new auto complete feature.

6 November 2007

alphaCML beta 0.5 uploaded, fixes for z-order.

5 November 2007

New site design, hope you like it !
alphaCML beta 0.5 will be uploaded soon, with scripting support.

24 October 2007

A new project: alphaCML, a simple launcher/command line.

April 2006

Back on line after years... you can find here the Sourceforge project page for the old alphaSoft editors and the related downloads, and the new page for alphaShellEx, a set of tools for desktop customization.

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